Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Carnival Party!

For the past month or so, we have been planning "The Party to End All Parties" - This is our little boy's last birthday party as an only child, so we wanted to make it extra special. We brainstormed themes till we were blue in the face! After doing a "Toy Story" theme last year (which was actually a great success), we decided against something a little less "commercial".

So, after much hum-ing and ha-ing, we settled on the fantastic CARNIVAL theme. Yes, a day at the carnival can not be forgotten! Nor should it.

HBo's Carnival Birthday Party - Happy 3rd birthday, kiddo!

His first taste of Cotton Candy!

"Pin the Nose on the Clown"
When asked if he had 'put his nose on the clown yet', out super-awesome little boy walked over to the clown poster, took off his hat, and touched his nose to the clown. Like I said, he makes us laugh every single day! xox

The "Pyramid" game, with the "Bouncy Castle" in the background:
Face Painting:

The "Basketball" game:

Food and Drinks:

Loot Bags and Cupcakes:
The kids got a sheet of tickets when they first arrived that they used for the various games around the yard. At each game, they won a prize that they put in their loot bag. All loot bags had their names on them - When the kiddies came in for cakes/presents, us adults loaded the bags up with cotton candy, thank you notes, a balloon on a stick and caramel popcorn. They were a big hit!

Blowing out the candles:
Daddy holding him back a bit so he didn't burn his face off! haha

Our "Thank You" cards read:
Friends and Family
Games and Fun
Thanks for making my day
a very special one!

Great family and friends, great weather, great day!...


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