Tuesday, August 23, 2011



The excitement in this post is three-fold.

I placed an order with my super-fantastic Stampin' Up! demonstrator the other day. I browse the IB&C for a good couple of hours before finally settling on the "Have a Seat" stamp set (obviously, among other items). Whilst placing my order with her (via email), I stated the following:

"I love the "Have a Seat" stamp set, but have a hard time envisioning what sort of sentiment I would attach to it... Regardless, I'm ordering it anyways and using it as a challenge to myself :)"

The 'oh so awesome' nesting instinct of pregnancy has finally set in. I've been waiting 38 weeks for this. Unfortunately, now I feel way to massive to do anything! And... sporadic contractions have started (likely Braxton Hicks, but whatev).

Our bedroom is getting a MUCH needed de-clutter and re-org. I made a small purchase today at Home Depot. These awesome EGLO lights are much nicer in person than in the photograph, but I intend to order the Long-Stem Silhouette decor element from Stampin' Up! and put them on (will have to check to make sure that it'll work on a frosted glass/light).

I still have 1 more wall to fill with some sort of artwork.


As my first "official" day of maternity leave, I thought it would be appropriate to do nothing but browse online at things I no longer have the money to buy :) Man, I love Pottery Barn so much that I would even consider naming my child that...

Moving on. As I was browsing through, I found (naturally) about a billion things I want to buy. And then what did I see? wait for it, because this is the glue that holds this whole post together!!

This. Yes, that's right. And for $92! hahahaha...

SO, the stamp set that's already on the way will be used to recreate the Pottery Barn artwork that I can't afford to fill the space on my wall that is in need of something awesome!

Yes, my friends. It's an exciting day. And here's the icing on the cake: That spot on the wall that I'm putting these frames? Below it is an incredibly awesome little chair that I got second hand.

Thinking that a bedroom post is in order at some point when all this is done :)

Basking in the glory that is Stampin' Up!, Pottery Barn, and synchronicity...


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