Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Uptown Cowl

A friend of mine, while waiting ever so patiently for a doctor's appointment, was flipping through Canadian Living. She came across this adorably awesome cowl, and thought to herself "I would be so hip 'n happenin' if just had that cowl! But alas, I do not knit...".

Upon returning to work, she dreamily described her experience, her special find, and her ultimate disappointment. To which I replied, "cowl? seriously? I could knit a cowl!"

Turns out, I can knit a cowl! Super easy, super quick, super uptown!

- Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool (colorway 8063)
- Size US8 (5mm) and US10 (6mm) double pointed needles


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to Build a Bear

Step 1: stuff it with the softest fluff!

Step 2: Rub a maple leaf on your head, to give the bear some brains!

Step 3: Rub a maple leaf on your chest, to give the bear a heart!

Step 4: Rub a maple leaf on your elbow, to give the bear a 'funny bone'!

Step 5: Give the "Wish" star a kiss, so the bear always has tons of love!

Step 6: Place everything inside!

Happy Family Day, (parts of) Canada!