Thursday, June 30, 2011

See You Around

Today was my friend's last day at work. It made me sad. I didn't say goodbye... I know I'll see her around again soon :)

I did, however, make her this card. Love these easel cards!

I certainly am going to miss her around the office. Well, at least for the next month or so - then I won't be there either! :D


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh, the cards!

More cards... It might seem like I do nothing but make cards these days. Well, that's certainly true of the last week anyways!

Thought I'd start stockpiling thank-you cards for the summer. Baby Girl is due in September, and the generosity of others is already starting to pour in, in forms of gifts, well-wishes and (of course) advice. Nevermind that we've already done this, apparently you need different kind of advice for the opposite gender ; )

The design for this card came from Dawn over at Stampin' Up. LOVE her videos and cards... They are always so interesting and new. So I figured I'd give it a shot:



:: Paper - Anne Griffin
:: Stamp - "thanks so much" from Stampin' Up (borrowed from a friend)
:: Cardstock - White and pink from my stash...

And this was a very simple one for my uncle who I got to visit today (that I very rarely see!), who brought a little gift for Baby Girl.

:: Paper - "Halloween Playful Paisley" from Doodlebug Design
:: Stamps - "Thank You" from a random set from Michael's, and a filigree from Hero Arts.
:: Cardstock - purple sparkles and white, both from my stash...

If you haven't noticed, I don't go fancy when it comes to cardstock.

Sorry about the quality of these shots... camera is broken, so I'm relying on blackberry and dim lighting.

In other news, yesterday was our anniversary. It was our first anniversary, so I was lucky enough to work with the "paper" tradition of gift. I will post pictures of the gift at some point, but I would like to get good ones first!

Up next on the schedule, a whack-load of birthday cards for July (nephew, kid's friend, hubby, sister-in-law, and father-in-law), and some fun outtings with the kiddo!! :)

At some point very soon, I should definitely decide on a birthday party theme for H.Bo. I would like to make most of the decorations/games/etc, so the sooner I start on it the better!

Oh... And this last card is another from Dawn - the ever-so-awesome waterfall card (Check out her tutorial, it's easier than it looks!) This is for our caregiver's daughter for her 7th birthday:

:: Paper - "Euphoria" by Basic Grey and "Irish Eyes" by Bazzil Basics (green cardstock)
:: Stamps - "It's Your Birthday", Cakes, Candles and "Happy Birthday" balloon from Hero Arts
:: Cardstock - Purple sparkles from Recollections (Michaels)
:: Ribbon - Purple double face satin from Elan
:: Buttons - From my stash...


Sunday, June 19, 2011

NWN - Market Time


- tb:xox

Cards, cards and more cards!

I've determined it's incredibly difficult to make a manly card... And I had to make 4!

Here are the end results from the 4 Father's Day cards I made this. The photos are terrible (they were taken last minute before being given away), but alas, they are photos nonetheless.

To my dad (wording was adapted from a card I saw in the store)


To my wonderful husband from our equally wonderful son:

To my father-in-law:

To my brother (who was celebrating his first Father's Day this year!):
Happy Father's day to all those special dad's out there :)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Great Unveil

So, the time has come, the great 'unveil'.

HBo's big-boy room has been finished (and lived in!) for over a month now. I think it's time I get into the swing of things and finally post the end result - which, if I do say so myself, is awesome.

The "Before" pictures come with the following preface:

Dear viewer,
If you are visiting this blog, you are, no doubt 1 of 2 things: 1) incredibly fantastic, or 2) a relative or close friend who I have given the link to. In all likelihood, you are both (which makes you 3, I think). The reason you are so incredibly fantastic is that you know and (inevitably) love me for all that I am; even the flaws. Below, in the "before" picture you are about to witness, you will notice that I care very little about my spare room and keeping it tidy. And yes, as a matter of fact, I DID let my mother spend the night in that thing - I assure you though, it wasn't quite
that bad. Not quite...

Thank you,

On with it..




HBo's exact words upon opening the door for the first time were: "Oh my gosh!! I don't believe this". His parental units done did good, I think.

We are so happy he loves it...