Monday, August 8, 2011

And now it's complete!

I've been searching for the perfect solution for an empty/awkward corner in my house for a very (very) long time... Like, since we moved in three years ago.

We've gone through many 'options'. An extra chair, a rustic bench, a huge vase that held our branches and feathers from our wedding tree, a mirror, and of course the random stuff that piles in corners if there is nothing else there to prevent it from piling up.

Nothing suited.

Until, that is, I found this table! I made it my weekend mission to fill that space and make it something welcoming (it's really the first spot you see when you walk into our house).

The table, believe it or not, is from IKEA. I really hadn't wanted another piece of IKEA furniture - I went to HomeSense, Pier 1 Imports, Winners, and Home Outfitters before I finally gave up and battled the Saturday IKEA crowd. Glad I did though.

So happy to have this checked off "The List"...


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