Saturday, February 7, 2009


Our camera has quit working! I brought it to a birthday party that Hunter was invited to, and when I got home and took it out of my purse, it wouldn't turn on. Luckily, the memory card is still in tact, because I have some awesome photos of my mom's visit with Hunter - and they need to be scrapbooked ASAP!

So, since the camera is broken, I bring you a verbal updated:

1. I finished the Mellow Yellow Mittens and love them more than anything I've ever made. It was my first attempt at mittens, and I had a blast. I used Istek Lett-Lopi, and they are so warm.

2. Still working on the Radiating Star Blanket... Though I made a mistake a few rows back and am unmotivated to rip it out and fix it.

3. I've started a pair of legwarmers for my friend, Jodie. It's my own pattern, using cables. I had always wanted to try cables, and here I am trying them! They are progressing rather quickly.
- Bernat Satin (black)
- US5 Bamboo needles

I have finished going through some older fabric my mom gave me from her time quilting (she made some amazing quilts, I wish she never stopped). I've ironed it all, folded it, coordinated it all, and stacked it downstairs on my shelf. It's beautiful :)

I'm planning on making a pillow for Hunter's room, as well as some napkins (maybe) for my sister-in-law (and her boyfriend) for their new home - which they move into on March 7th.

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. With my newly organized fabric, my ever-growing yarn stash, and some scrap papers of every sort, I'm ready to start making the love cards.

Also, my mom has requested that I make her a scrapbook page for Hunter's first Christmas that she can frame. I have all the supplies, and just need to get going on it! :)

**Pictures of all this will eventually appear. Until then, I cross my fingers that the camera problem isn't as serious as I'm thinking.