Monday, October 3, 2011

Mojo Scrapbooking!

I can't believe it. 15 months later, I have finally started working on our wedding scrapbook again. Today, it was the Mojo Monday weekly challenge that got me going!! Thank you, Mojo, I so appreciate it!

To the right is the lovely sketch (so lovely, in fact, that I made a card too once I was done this scrapbook page. I'll blog about that soon)

I had the papers and embellishments picked out and slipped into the protective sheet now since the end of June 2010. I had kind of forgotten that I had all this stuff picked out already, so when I opened up the scrapbook and saw it all sitting there I was really excited.

Our Wedding

*I would like to add a disclaimer to this photo*
It is not actually as uneven/lopsided in person as it may appear here.

I saved a lot of stuff from our wedding for the purpose of scrapbooking - which is why it's surprising that it took me so long to actually do it!

First, and likely the most obvious, is our colour scheme: brown, green, pink and ivory. We got married at a sugar bush, and wanted something very natural. 

The ribbons for the bow were from two separate parts of the wedding.

The brown picot satin ribbon was from our invitations and from the tags we used for our guestbook.

The brown "We tied the knot!" ribbon was what we used to tie the "thank you" notes to our favours (little bottles of maple syrup). Clever, no?

Instead of flowers, we used a lot of feathers. My sister-in-law does bobbin lace (incredibly intricate work), and made me a pink flower to wear in my hair. I added some small white feathers to it, and a circle of beads. Both of those are used (see right).

The brown feather from the image was the basis of the groomsman's boutonnieres. Derek, being the lucky duck that he is, got an ivory feather instead of brown (you can see it in our actual wedding pic).

I loved our wedding. Not trying to toot my horn or anything - but it was such an amazingly special day. We had SO much fun. It was laid back and turned out exactly the way we wanted it to. No stress, no mess :)

I'm glad that I did this today, it made me feel very happy to relive the awesomeness of those moments.


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  1. Your wedding sound like it was wonderful! And what a pretty bride you were! Super scrapbook page!!!