Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cabled baby mitts

A good friend of mine told me she was looking for some homemade baby mitts to give to her SIL for a baby shower. It's been so long since I've knit anything, that I jumped at the chance at making an easy/quick project like baby mitts.

Also, her nephew was born 2 days before Jackson, and it turned out that we were neighbours at the hospital (right beside each other!). So even though I never see them, I feel a little connection to the cute little guy :)

I used the Cabled baby hat and mittens pattern from Paulina's Blog. The patterns was well written, easy to follow, and resulted in a darling little mitty (if I do say so myself).

I also used a new technique - and was quite pleased with the end result. As with most of my knitting education, it came from a wonderful tutorial on YouTube. It's like watching a silent picture show, but this video of the Kitchener stitch (for closing the end) is fantastic! Who needs words when you have such a clean demonstration?

I made a boo-boo at one point on the first mitt that I was too lazy to go back and fix, but I it didn't show (instead of switching to the larger needles at the beginning of the mitt, I switched at the end of the increases). So, I just made the same mistake on mitt #2.

Needles: Estelle bamboo DPNs - size 3mm and 3.75mm
Yarn: Lang Merino superwash in "oatmeal"
Tools: Tapestry needle, scissors

Now I need to make some for my little boys! Off to find a good pattern for a 3 year old :)


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