Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunny Saturday

We went garage sale hopping this morning!

The Goods:
Comfy pillow for Bug's new "Big Boy" room = $3
Box full of Mr. Potato Head accessories and a new body = $3
Backpack for Bug to carry his new goods = FREE!
Chronicles of Narnia DVD = $3*
7 Dr. Seuss books = $5
The Birth House book = $2
A race ramp (not pictured) = $3
A JUMBO "Cars" car (not pictured) = $1
A smiling boy hoping in and out of the car all morning = priceless...
*opened it at home only to realize that the DVD wasn't in there. Boo.

And then Farmer's Market shopping in the afternoon!

The Tasties:
Salad Greens (in the background)
Sourdough artisan bread

I couldn't resist taking a picture of all the Mr. Potato Head bits drying after a (very) thorough cleaning!

What a great way to spend a sunny Saturday.

In the evening, we relaxed :)


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