Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a year and a half in review

Every week or so, I think to myself "yes, it's time I update my blog". Or "I should really blog this!". It seems that those thoughts have been carried on week-after-week without such an update for over a year and a half! Shame on me.

Alas, the time has come; a year and a half in review (a very very quick review), and then back to regular updates (for serious).

Hunter turned 1 - and we celebrated in PEI:This was a very common look through the vacation - He didn't enjoy sand, he didn't enjoy water, and his first 'taste' of icing barely convinced him that any of this was a good idea.

Then, he turned two! We celebrated here in Ottawa, with all the fam. No sand, no water, but a better liking now of icing! It was Toy Story themed, and he had a blast:

We got married on June 25th (2010, that is). Day went by without anything bad happening! Sunny, glorious day, that went just as we had hoped - Beautifully!:
Crafting has slowed. All of the items that are even remotely noteworthy are below:

Quilted Coasters:

J & D's Wedding Pillows

A & M's Dining Room Coasters

H.Bo's Art Smock

There's more, but what sense is there living in the past? More to come. Really this time.

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