Sunday, October 3, 2010

Parties, Baking and Yummies

This weekend was a busy one. I had agreed to help a friend of mine plan her daughter's "Dora" themed birthday party. I was busy making 36 cookies and 24 cupcakes! Unfortunately, I was so rushed (yes, I leave most things until the last minute) that I didn't get any pictures, but trust me, it was cute : ) As a thank you, my friend gave us a little bag full of roasted pumpkin seeds!

It's all the yummies without all the work:
Later, I made mini cookies! We made a few trains, some bears, a few pigs (which got eaten right away), the cutest hippos, and a couple dinosaurs. We had the 'animal train' vs. the dinosaur:

(L to R): Dinosaur, train, hippo, bear
After the baking dust had settled, it was time to get the farmer's market goodies in our bellies! I love Sunday dinner; it's my favourite time to sit with my family, enjoy their company, talk about our days, and fight with our son to eat. Other days, the fighting with him to eat isn't as fun, but Sunday's it OK ; )

Mashed potatoes, green beans baked with purple onion, boiled ham
P.S. trying to cut up his ham in the same shapes as the cookies did not get him to like the ham any better.


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