Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making Robots!

H.Bo has caught robot fever. We're not sure how it happened, but he LOVES robots. Grandma recently bought him a pair of robot jammies, and as soon as he got in them, he danced around the room singing "robot robot" to the tune of "twinkle twinkle".

So, for our "Make Something Monday" craft, we decorated our own robots!

I cut our three different robot 'bodies' from various leftover scrapbooking papers, and then random shapes from other papers. We picked our bodies and started to glue! This was also a very good opportunity to practice our shapes as well (ah, the tricks parent's play).

Hunter asked for most of the pieces by name: "Triangle, please" and so on. He even got the diamond right :)

We talked about the shapes, we talked about the colours, we even talked about the textures! He was a big fan of the 'spawkwy" white circle he got to put on.

Our end results!:
Hunter's Robot

Daddy's Robot

Mommy's Robot
(and yes, I realize my robot pales in comparison to the boys')

And while we're talking about robots, check out some other really cool robot stuff:
  1. Frugal Family Fun has this robot craft using recycled products (if I told you what she used, you wouldn't believe me, so go see for yourself!) --> Take the time to look through this website, it's so fantastic.
  2. This free Ravelry pattern for an R2D2 beanie is sure to make any Star Wars (or robot) fan feel warm and fuzzy!
  3. Adorable robot lunchbag from Chatpers - 100% certified organic cotton with a removable EVA liner. There's no way anyone would forget there lunch with this bag!
Have fun :)


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