Monday, December 15, 2008

Fingerless Gloves

This is my first pattern I ever tried to follow. It is a Christmas gift for my fiance's niece - She's 10 years old, loves the colour purple, and is so sweet you can't even describe her. I am planning on making a hat to match, but as it's only 10 (!!!) days until Christmas, it may not happen!

Unless I can get my fingers to move quicker!

What I used:
- Pattern: Greenaway Fingerless Gloves
- Cotton Classic yarn
- Size US5 Bamboo double pointed needles
- stitch markers

I was mostly happy with the way they turned out. Somehow I made in increase that I shouldn't have made after I close off the thumb gusset, so the eyelet trim around the top kind of flares out compared to the body of the glove. Live and learn, I suppose.

Work in Progress:
I started a little crochet caterpillar for my son - it's not near done, but I had to put a stop to it until I finished my Christmas stuffs. It is made using three different colours of BabyBamboo, and it's absolutely fantastic. Love love love!

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