Tuesday, December 28, 2010

EFL - Christmas Time is Upon Us

This year, in the efforts to put talents to good use, our family decided to handmake as many Christmas gifts as possible.

We framed paintings that have been done for years and never displayed, we knitted hats and matching mittens, we sewed baby blankets, made homemade cards, delivered baked goods and enjoyed the quieter times of the season.

However, in all the 'enjoying of the quieter' time, we got quite busy! Funny how that happens :) All our lovely homemade gifts were wrapped at the last minute, and very few photos were taken!

Here's one, just for fun - Mike's Handwarmers!

- 'manish' scraps of fabric (2 patterns x 2 pieces of approx 5" each)
- long grain brown rice
- 100% cotton quilt batting
- sewing machine
- needle and thread for hand-sewing.

Merry Christmas, everyone :)


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